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 Miercuri, 2018-11-14, 9:23 AM
Principala » Online jocuri » Puzzle

MOLE(the first hunting)

This game has nothing to do with the mole hunting game. It's a puzzle game where you need to help a mole collect all vegetables in the level and get to the exit. In each turn you can move the mole to one of the free adjacent squares pressing the corresponding arrow key. One important condition to pass a level is not to step twice on the same square. If it happens you'll need to restart.
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1 Alex  
Sis,I am so very proud of you and Becky Me and Mom seen this a year ago when we started with Papa, why does the Wind Blow?.We see BIG tnihgs in both you and BB's future.Live life to the fullest and make sure your healthy enough to keep up with your children because they will take you places that us adults can only dream about ..Love,Mom and Dadio

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